What do we do?

Your home says a lot about you: your personality, how you think, how you live and you’re always trying to improve it. Most of the times it’s thanks to your friends that you find new solutions or ideas for the house of your dreams in the future. Thanks to their recommendation you also find the best real estate professional in your area. Wouldn’t be good to be able to identify the people with the best solutions according to your needs? Search engines, real estate websites and home design magazines are convenient but a dedicated social network is even better.

That’s exactly what houseranking.com offers thanks to its social network functionality. Each Houseranking member becomes a home advisor and shares their reviews with their contacts and followers. Thanks to Houseranking finding the perfect house or design solutions, sharing comments with your friends or collecting votes to become maybe the house with the best sunset in your location or with the best special something in the world become very easy.

How does it work?

1) Find the top ranked house or professional

Discover and compare hidden jewels around the world thanks to open search criteria that common search engines would not find. Satisfy curiosity, read reviews and see what others have to say about houses or real estate professionals

Contact a professional among the most recommended to request their advice or help to commercialize your property or to find the house you want

For example, try to search for the “house with best sunsets during the year”, or the “house with a swimming pool on the balcony”

2) Review properties or Upload your house after signing up for free

Vote the house or agency of your choice based on your criteria, or leave a review to help others finding a better place or solutions to improve their home

Upload your property for ranking it, commercialize it or give it to a broker

For example, every house has a story, what’s yours? Was your house built by a smart architect, a time defeating constructor or your talented grandfather? Why don’t you post pictures of your balcony view from different times of the year or post the story of your house from the time it was built if you know it or let people know about previous celebrities who might have lived in it before becoming popular?